keep it simple ok?

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Function first

About this place, I decided to forget about a color scheme and branding for a bit. I am talking about this website. Instead, focus on what is functional like the basic layout and content. So far, this has made it easier to make progress. Form usually does follow function. Now I feel more satisfied with what I am looking at.

Keep it simple sweetheart!

Also, I must remember the principles of design, which is of course C.R.A.P! It simply stands for contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. I could expand on those but I have to work on this website! I can recommend a book which we read in “Web Design and Media Production” class. It outlines this now very popular idea of design “Non-Designers Design Book” by Robin Williams.

Robin is known to have first coined the acronym C.R.A.P.


You see?

We are micro-business!

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Small Office/Home Office

We are small business, that’s why we are so busy! Some would say that we are micro-business. No wait, we are micro-business! From retail establishments to handcrafters, small businesses today rely on computers to operate effectively. Many of my clients fall into the category of SOHO business. They are self-employed soloists with perhaps a partner, or two. Others may have a dozen employees. All need practical and efficient computer solutions in order to succeed.

Does this describe you? It certainly describes The Logical Choice, except that my business is here to support your business computing needs.

Why? Because, You have better things to do.

supporting humans with technology