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What is school for? We must find a new purpose for school.

What is school for? This is the question and Seth weaves a story to explain how we got here and why we must be courageous enough to confront the reality of our school system as it currently exists.

One of the most striking points in this talk is how we have been taught to fear being wrong, to comply, to be obedient so that we will be employable for an industrial society. Obedience is not the same thing as being respectful to ourselves and to others. He also speaks about the impact of technology in education. Technology “links us all” by making knowledge accessible to all.

It is time to stop teaching children as though they lack the ability to think and problem solve in new and interesting ways. This video is from 2012, and the work of transforming our world continues to unfold.


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Circuits that snap together!

These circuits snap together with magnets! The neatest thing in electricity by Ayah Bdeir. I don’t recall ever using the word cute to describe circuits. Well, these are cute. They are also fun, and inspiring, which bodes well for learning.

What an easy way to introduce circuits with no  breadboards, solder, or screws required. Modular.


Kids are going to be asking for these. 😀

Schools kill creativity?

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Why not teach kids to dance!?

Ted talk by Sir Ken Robinson. It is a seven year old talk which if anything is even more relevant today! Had to post this one.. He has several wonderful talks posted at TED.

Two quotes:
“…all kids have tremendous talents — and we squander them pretty ruthlessly.” – Sir Ken Robinson
“My contention is that creativity now is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” – Sir Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson gives an insightful explanation regarding the origin of our educational system. A system that was created to serve the needs of the industrial revolution. That seems a key perspective to keep in mind when we examine the systems that are currently being created. It was appropriate at the turn of the century, but now it is time to grow beyond educating people for “jobs” in a hierarchical society. We will be allowing more of humanity to show our wings.

I laughed so hard when he was talking about thinking of Shakespeare being a seven year old boy in school. I had never thought of him as a child either. “he was in somebody’s English class wasn’t he?! How annoying would that be?”

Why not dance too!? We are in a wonderful cultural revolution that is just beginning.

Happy 4th of July weekend!

We are Makers – a movement

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Who are these Makers?

Watch this nicely created film about making and the movement it has become.

This Maker Movement has certainly struck a chord for me! You know, it really does connect students to their learning, especially if they are involved in the process from conception to the final product.

We Are Makers | A short film on the Maker Movement

It is good to take a unique approach, which usually means trying different things till success is achieved, after repeated fails.

Innovative ideas do not come with an instruction manual.

From the heart to the hands!

xkcd: Magic School Bus

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Magic School Bus and Internet Search

Perhaps you are familiar with the Magic School Bus?  There are books and a spin off TV series for kids. (thanks Canada!)

Teachers can be Guides

In the new realm of Educational Technology teachers will act more as guides than authorities. They explore with us rather than being the sole authority on subjects while lecturing from the front of the classroom.

I thought this was pretty funny, and it illustrates the point. 😉

xkcd strip of magic school bus and search!

Yes, the world is our classroom now!

Have a nice day.
BTW, xkcd is my favorite comic strip.