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Leaders who inspire me.

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Human beings who inspire us.

Regular human beings who inspire us are all around.  Some are quite famous, while some are not. They include our neighbors who live courageously, who seek authentic lives everyday despite those barriers that spring up in the road.

My go to list of famous inspirational people has changed over the years. Here are my current favorites below. Well known by many and yet they truly are “regular” human beings. I think it is that sincere quality of authenticity which makes them so wonderful to read and listen to.

Photo of Seth standing outside smiling and with a big smile.


Headshot photo of Margaret Wheatley, curly hair, smiling and wearing glasses.


Headshot photo of Gar Alperovitz speaking, He is speaking into a mic and gesturing with his right hand.

I do recommend them! Check out their podcasts, books, blogs, and videos. All are working steadily on changing the world for the better with intelligence, perseverance and courage. Each of them have traveled down very different pathways and yet they are speaking about the same core work. They continually ask the difficult questions and engage others in conversation. How can we discover and build a new world together based on human values right next to the old crumbling world? The work of creating change and making a difference wherever possible, while being quite human about it all. It is nothing less than saving our planet and preserving the future of humanity.

I have always thought that it’s okay to be a regular person. 😀