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About TLC

Mission Statement

The Logical Choice provides technology consulting, computer support, and solutions that are tailored to support the changing needs of local SMB and SOHO clients.


The Logical Choice is committed to participating in the work of creating a local economy based on the priorities of the community. We recognize the potential of technology as a means to promote a healthy, fair, and bountiful world for everyone.


  • Strive to build trust in our relationships by acting with integrity around what matters most.
  • Help our clients with exceptional customer service while taking the time to listen and have honest conversations about plans.
  • Support technology in such a way that we add performance, reliability, and security to our client’s enterprises.
  • Aspire to be a company that is recognized as outstanding in our field.
  • Continually improve our skills, and grow as individuals who can rely on each other.
  • Nurture a healthy and respectful work environment.

General Info

The Logical Choice is a computer consulting business.

supporting humans with technology