Picture of the big Cat parked in front of the office.

Tearin’ up East Street – Continued

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The Big Cat and No Parking

Progress continued with Tearin’ up East Street (continued) and the dig up and pipe replacement. In reality this has been an all summer project. The street will probably be repaved at the end of August.

What a view!

I actually got a kick out of the machinery. These pics are from June 28th to July 7th.

Picture of equipment on July 1st.

Picture of work on June 30th. There is also work up Keith Ave and Turkey Hill

Picture of the street with the big cat parked in front of us.

Picture on July 29th that shows alot of work at the fork up the street.

Picture of a fellow directing traffic on the street to stop, and go slow!
Our friendly traffic control! Safety first!

Economic Impact

This is the NO Parking sign in front of my place on July 7th. I have only done an informal study, but this has been tough on business.

Picture on July 7th of no parking sign and cat in front.

We are now halfway through August and there has been work going on off and on through last week. Now there is something of a lull which is great!

It has been difficult on residents and businesses wherever this work has been going on. We know it has to be done, and certainly this is far better than having pipes fail in the winter. Still, I can certainly say that I will be happy when all is back to normal!