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Small Business and SOHO

From retail establishments to crafters, small businesses today rely on computers to operate.

Many of those who require my services fall into the category of SOHO business. They are often self-employed soloists with perhaps a partner or two. Others may have a dozen employees. They all need practical and efficient computer solutions in order to succeed. Does this describe you? It certainly describes The Logical Choice, except that my business is here to support yours.

What TLC will do for you and your business.

Work to gain an overview of what YOUR needs and goals are. How can your business operate more efficiently while saving time and money using technology?

Many of us are so busy working that planning for loss of data or a computer system failure can easily be overlooked. We will review your backup and disaster recovery plan.

It is crucial to have regular on site and remote visits to provide regular maintenance, check security and ensure that operations are running smoothly. It is better to prevent problems from occurring than to waste time putting out fires that perhaps should not exist to begin with. It is easier and less expensive to be proactive by being prepared!

supporting humans with technology