Screenshot of Oliver flying in front of his robot. Spikey head dress takes form.

MinecraftEdu Build Challenge – Robots!

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WSSU Bridges Afterschool

Two of my WSSU Bridges Afterschool students decided to have a friendly robot build competition in MinecraftEdu. These screenshots are from last session.

3….. 2…. 1…  Go!

This took place in our “Horses Yay!” world Build Challenge area. It started out as a 15 minute competition, but we ended up extending it to 20 minutes. I spectated, and it was a fun build challenge to watch.

The boys decided that they did not want to see each other working, so we put up the pink wool wall.

Screenshot of two students flying around and building robots in MinecraftEdu. Here they build the feet!
Bridges Afterschool MCEdu Build Challenge – Oliver and Devon begin!
Screenshot of Oliver and Devon building robot bodies.
This is Devon’s robot
Screenshot of Oliver building his robot, working on the body.
This is Oliver’s robot
Screenshot of Devon making progress. The arms seem to be firing at his opponent.
Getting interesting now! Pew, pew, pew!
Screenshot of Oliver the arms are set and now getting closer to building the robot head.
Hmm what will this end up looking like?

Screenshot of the two robots with the heads almost complete.

Screenshot of Oliver flying in front of his robot. Spikey head dress takes form.
Oliver is almost done! A change of plans with the robot’s head, instead of a red top we have an antler like antenna.
Screenshot of Devon's bot complete with antena and blazing arms and eyes.
You can almost here to thumping of the giant bots as they come to life! Here is Devon’s all complete.


I do have a shot of the interiors!

Screen shot of the interior of Oliver's robot. There are levers buttons, redstone torches and Minecraft paintings.
The interior of Oliver’s robot.
Screenshot of the interior of Devon's robot. There are buttons for firing arrows, and Minecraft paintings.
The interior of Devon’s robot.

Who will be victorious?

It was not easy to judge the best build, they were super close! Each robot also included an interior with some Redstone (Minecraft energy source) components and even decorations. Redstone allows you to build mechanicals and circuits in Minecraft. In this case, the Redstone provided some lighting and firing mechanisms.

Oliver was the victor!

So very close too!

I had to choose, difficult as the choice was! Both builds were dramatic and well-executed.