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You might be very new at this computing thing, or you might be quite experienced with your computer. People at home are using their computers for education, news, and entertainment. Many of these tasks can also be done conveniently on mobile devices like tablets and cell phones.
It’s even fun!

  • You can research any topic and find a wealth of information.
  • School research projects.
  • To stay in touch and share pictures.
  • To play games, from board games and cards to high tech video games.
  • To enjoy multimedia. Now we can stream movies and television shows on demand, when we are ready to watch them.
  • Shopping!
  • Banking and paying bills.
  • Blogging…
  • take pictures and making videos

If things are not working as expected, or perhaps you are feeling a bit leery of your computer. I can help with on-site support and tutoring in your home.

Tutorials in Computer Skills!

You can get help with learning to use the computer. Feel comfortable and supported while getting a tutorial from TLC!

Call me to set up a convenient time.

supporting humans with technology