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What is school for? We must find a new purpose for school.

What is school for? This is the question and Seth weaves a story to explain how we got here and why we must be courageous enough to confront the reality of our school system as it currently exists.

One of the most striking points in this talk is how we have been taught to fear being wrong, to comply, to be obedient so that we will be employable for an industrial society. Obedience is not the same thing as being respectful to ourselves and to others. He also speaks about the impact of technology in education. Technology “links us all” by making knowledge accessible to all.

It is time to stop teaching children as though they lack the ability to think and problem solve in new and interesting ways. This video is from 2012, and the work of transforming our world continues to unfold.

MinecraftEdu Build Challenge – Robots!

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WSSU Bridges Afterschool

Two of my WSSU Bridges Afterschool students decided to have a friendly robot build competition in MinecraftEdu. These screenshots are from last session.

3….. 2…. 1…  Go!

This took place in our “Horses Yay!” world Build Challenge area. It started out as a 15 minute competition, but we ended up extending it to 20 minutes. I spectated, and it was a fun build challenge to watch.

The boys decided that they did not want to see each other working, so we put up the pink wool wall.

Screenshot of two students flying around and building robots in MinecraftEdu. Here they build the feet!
Bridges Afterschool MCEdu Build Challenge – Oliver and Devon begin!
Screenshot of Oliver and Devon building robot bodies.
This is Devon’s robot
Screenshot of Oliver building his robot, working on the body.
This is Oliver’s robot
Screenshot of Devon making progress. The arms seem to be firing at his opponent.
Getting interesting now! Pew, pew, pew!
Screenshot of Oliver the arms are set and now getting closer to building the robot head.
Hmm what will this end up looking like?

Screenshot of the two robots with the heads almost complete.

Screenshot of Oliver flying in front of his robot. Spikey head dress takes form.
Oliver is almost done! A change of plans with the robot’s head, instead of a red top we have an antler like antenna.
Screenshot of Devon's bot complete with antena and blazing arms and eyes.
You can almost here to thumping of the giant bots as they come to life! Here is Devon’s all complete.


I do have a shot of the interiors!

Screen shot of the interior of Oliver's robot. There are levers buttons, redstone torches and Minecraft paintings.
The interior of Oliver’s robot.
Screenshot of the interior of Devon's robot. There are buttons for firing arrows, and Minecraft paintings.
The interior of Devon’s robot.

Who will be victorious?

It was not easy to judge the best build, they were super close! Each robot also included an interior with some Redstone (Minecraft energy source) components and even decorations. Redstone allows you to build mechanicals and circuits in Minecraft. In this case, the Redstone provided some lighting and firing mechanisms.

Oliver was the victor!

So very close too!

I had to choose, difficult as the choice was! Both builds were dramatic and well-executed.

HoloLens – Your MC world on your table

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E3 2015

It’s time again for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo known as E3 for short. The annual expo will be running June 15-18, and you can check it out at E3 2015. This is the place to unveil the latest in games and gaming technologies.

HoloLens demo of a Minecraft world

Microsoft put on a demo of their HoloLens technology to show what it can do with the popular sandbox game Minecraft. The demo happened only yesterday, and I think it best to offer you a video that will do a better job of explaining.

Apparently, you can run around with your friends in this dynamic virtual world that is also being represented in your real home.

Picture of a man wearing the HoloLens on his head gazing down at a hologram of a Minecraft world. He sees his tiny friend standing on a tower in the game.
Zack gazes down at Lydia in a holographic Minecraft game.

Microsoft promises to have more information by the July Minecon. It all make me wonder if the purchase of Minecraft by Microsoft was in part that Minecraft is ideally suited for use with HoloLens.

What else?

HoloLens is not only about Minecraft, the technology suggests possibilities far beyond gaming. This brings virtual into the physical world and allows people to then interact or modify objects. Apparently a 3D print design can also be made into a hologram.

I can only imagine how helpful this would be for engineers, architects and interior designers.

Want to really see what some furniture would look like in your space? HoloLens can show you, or will show you as it is not quite ready for public use. It is also tied into Windows 10 which should be available this July 29.

Take a look at the Microsoft HoloLens website, which I might add is quite polished and effective in giving one a sense of the possibilities.

First the Apple watch and now this! Times are a changing, or rather, devices are a changing.

Schools kill creativity?

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Why not teach kids to dance!?

Ted talk by Sir Ken Robinson. It is a seven year old talk which if anything is even more relevant today! Had to post this one.. He has several wonderful talks posted at TED.

Two quotes:
“…all kids have tremendous talents — and we squander them pretty ruthlessly.” – Sir Ken Robinson
“My contention is that creativity now is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” – Sir Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson gives an insightful explanation regarding the origin of our educational system. A system that was created to serve the needs of the industrial revolution. That seems a key perspective to keep in mind when we examine the systems that are currently being created. It was appropriate at the turn of the century, but now it is time to grow beyond educating people for “jobs” in a hierarchical society. We will be allowing more of humanity to show our wings.

I laughed so hard when he was talking about thinking of Shakespeare being a seven year old boy in school. I had never thought of him as a child either. “he was in somebody’s English class wasn’t he?! How annoying would that be?”

Why not dance too!? We are in a wonderful cultural revolution that is just beginning.

Happy 4th of July weekend!

We are Makers – a movement

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Who are these Makers?

Watch this nicely created film about making and the movement it has become.

This Maker Movement has certainly struck a chord for me! You know, it really does connect students to their learning, especially if they are involved in the process from conception to the final product.

We Are Makers | A short film on the Maker Movement

It is good to take a unique approach, which usually means trying different things till success is achieved, after repeated fails.

Innovative ideas do not come with an instruction manual.

From the heart to the hands!