The html acronym tag…

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No longer be supported in HTML5

I like using the acronym tag, it gives us a way to show what an acronym stands for without actually doing it in words on the page. You just point at the acronym and the meaning pops up. There are a lot of acronyms these days so this is darn convenient.

Not too long ago I looked the tag up to jog my memory and discovered that it will not be supported in HTML5. Instead you can use the The <abbr> tag. That seems odd to me, an acronym and an abbreviation are two different things.

Here is an example of an acronym tag using the 3WSchools fine example here.
Can I get this ASAP?

The code looks like this:

Can I get this <acronym title="as soon as possible">ASAP</acronym>?

Here is an abbreviation:
The abbreviation of tablespoon is tbsp.

The code looks like this:

The abbreviation of tablespoon is <abbr title="tablespoon">tbsp</abbr>.

The tag abbr tag is shorter than the acronym tag, that would save space and they aren’t so far apart in usage. I’m guess I am okay with it. Small point I know, unless you happen to use these tags too!